I love to travel, it’s one of the things that has been a part of me from a very young age. In fact if anyone asked me what I wanted to do my life I would alway say, travel.

I will always try to vlog my travels but I also love to write about them and create travel guides for the places I have been. I have created different links to each country so that if you are planning a trip the posts are easy to find.

If you would like to see my travels in real time, then use the link and give me a follow on Instagram.

Exploring Bath in 48 Hours

Bath is a city of culture and heritage, this is what we got up to when given 48 hours to explore.

Eating Gluten Free in Istanbul

Eating gluten free is never fun but when I am abroad it can be even harder. This guide is for those of you that struggle with wheat need a helping hand when travelling.