Work From Home Wishlist

1/ Pastel Highlighters 2/ TB Notebook 3/ Pink Folio 4/ Daily Planner 5/ Desk Pad 6/ Twist Ballpoint Pen 7/ Wireless PC Mouse 8/ Pink Ballpoint Pen

Since we started that ‘work-from-home’ grind there have been things that have been missing. I don’t know about anyone else but when I was working from an office I loved to decorate my desk. It was always the most over-the-top one in the building and people always knew where I was sat.

When you are working from home, sometimes I have felt that there can be more bad days than good. Some of this can be because not every home is designed for consistent work for home life. Speaking with people from my workplace and friends who are in the same situation. They have agreed that not having the right equipment around them has made things so much harder. Now I am not saying that any of these items are a total necessity. However, they may just help to elevate those blues and bring a bit of colour and joy to life.

So, as a self-confessed shopaholic, I have put together a collection of items. that will make working from home that little bit more bearable. These items are a combination of practical, e.g. this brilliant little mouse from Logitec. Plus a little bit of whimsical such as this crystal pen from Swarovski.

All of these links are shoppable and most items are available in a range of colours, just in case you are not as pink obsessed as me. I hope you like them and please let me know if you think there is anything I have missed.


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