Why I’m Done ‘Saving Things For Best’

We all have those items that we are proud of, things that we say we will only wear on a special occasion. Well I have decided I will no longer be saving things for best.

Have you ever bought something that you have saved forever to get? Or have been looking at for months or even years? Then when you finally get it, you promise yourself that you will take such good care of it. The problem with this is that taking care of it, it remains safe but never actually gets used. You tell yourself that you are ‘saving it for best’.

I read recently about a elderly woman who died and when her family cleared out the house. In her bedroom, her family found a large chest. Inside were dresses and shoes that were brand new that she had been ‘saving them for best’. She had clearly loved these items and purchased them to wear but the occasion had never arisen and they had just sat there. This article reminded me that we are only here once and we need to take the chances that we are given and throw everything into them.

Following on, I watch a YouTube called Fashion Mumblr and she has mentioned multiple times. If she spends lots of money on an item then she will be getting as much wear as possible. I completely agree with this sentiment. If you have and wished for an item and then finally got it, why wouldn’t you wear it as often as you could?

This doesn’t just work for clothes, it goes for anything in the house. That cutlery and plate set that you said you would only use when you had guests. How many dinner parties are you going to have to host to make up for what you paid? This is why recently we used our collection of Denby plates to eat Chinese takeaway. Did it feel strange? Yes. Will I be doing it again? Hell Yeah!

From now, I will be ensuring that any purchases I make will be worn as mush as possibly can. This means that, yes I will be using my Michael Kors bag for work, and I will wear my designer heels out on coffee dates with Clive because I am proud of them. I work so hard during the week to afford the luxuries in my life and I want to be sure that they are worth the money I have spent.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this and I hope that you have enjoyed reading it. If you would like to see how I am incorporating luxury into my lounge wear, read the blog here. If you would like to see how I style my favourite luxury pieces then check out my Instagram here.


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