Staying Sane in Lock Down

Let’s be honest, I can’t be the only one going a little bit crazy being stuck in the house. These are my favourite ways for staying sane in lock down.

I have been officially in lock down for 2 weeks now and the first few days were lovely. I cleaned the house and made sure that I had caught up on the jobs that needed doing. However, after the first week it started to feel repetitive and boring. So, I thought I would indulge in some self-love to help pass the time.

Tip 1 ~ Make Yourself the Priority

I have seen many people making comments about how they are worried about work, money and family right now. I completely agree with this and will never say that people shouldn’t be worried. However, I also think that we need check in with ourselves during this time. We can spend so much time worrying about others and neglecting ourselves. So, tip 1 would be to make yourself a priority. Trust me this will help you with staying sane during lock down.

Tip 2 ~ Snacks Are Great But Meals Are Better

It might seem great to finally eat when and whatever you want and lounge around the house to relax. But I promise you that eating sugar for every meal is not going to be good in the long run. When you snack and consume large amounts of sugar you feel good for period of time. But, then you will begin to feel sluggish and tired. This is not good for you, in order to stay healthy I would recommend that you stick to at least two meals a day. If you still like to snack, then I would recommend making something more organic such as homemade Banana Bread. My gluten free recipe can be found here.

Tip 3 ~ Fresh Air is Key

We all know that exercise is good for you in more ways that helping you to lose weight. It releases endorphins, gets us moving and, a lot of the time, gets us out the house. Obviously, right now heading to the gym just isn’t an option but that doesn’t mean we cant get fresh air. To do this, I encourage you to use your 1 walk a day as this will be a game changer. If you don’t feel this is something you want to do, then sitting in the garden or by an open window whilst drinking your morning coffee will still do the world of good.

Tip 4 ~ Get Creative

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on supplies to get a new hobby. But something simple like home baking and trying a new meal doesn’t need to be expensive. I have been trying my hand at all kinds of new recipes recently and , not only has it elevated some of my boredom, but the house smells amazing.

Tip 5 ~ Clean Your House, Clean Your Mind

I have heard people say that a tidy desk is a tidy mind and I do think there is merit to this. Like I said I spent the first few days in lock down clearing every inch of the house and it felt seriously good. I found my self relaxing into the scrubbing of the kitchen counters and rhythm of sweeping the floors. If you spend time clearing away the mess, I believe that you will have a better outlook on more than the surfaces in the home.

If you are still looking for things to do whilst in the house during lock down then you can find my top TV series here. These are time consuming and great if you want to forget what is going on outside right now.

I hope these tips will help you with staying sane in lock down and that you manage to find your little bit of happiness in this awful situation. If you guys have any tips or tricks that are helping you with keeping your sanity whilst stuck in the house.


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