The Key Trends I’m Wearing in Spring

Spring is just around the corner and I can’t wait to show you the Key Trends I will be wearing in the next few months.

I always think of Spring as a time of refresh. It’s a time to dust off and shake up your wardrobe contents. The new season means that there will be trends trickling down from the runways and I wanted to share with you the ones I will be buying into this year.

White Dresses

This is a trend that I saw featured in Vogue and instantly felt it aligned with my personal style. I have had white dresses in my wardrobe since I was young and they have always made me feel pretty. The dresses featured so far are longer and more flowing than previous years. I find that this is more flattering to my shape and easier to style when the weather is still changing. I will be taking this trend with me to Turkey as it will keep me covered and respectful when visiting. The fabrics that I am seeing are cottons and natural fabrics which aligns really well with the idea of sustainability.

I have linked some of my favourites from current retailers such as; River Island, Topshop and Silk Fred.


I think this trend is lovely, its very stylish and sexy but without coming across in the wrong way. I personally like the way it has been adapted to cut across one shoulder and give an alluring look, without making me feel self conscious. During the summer months I have never been one for tiny dresses and tops as they just don’t suit my figure, so this will be a way for me to feel on trend whilst also feeling confident in myself.


This is a tend that has always sat well with me and to see it come back this decade makes my heart glad. I love a shirt dress and this trend is showcasing them at their finest. They are the perfect blend of dressed up, casual and a little country vibe thrown in. I have my favourite from Warehouse which you can see in the photos but I will definitely be on the look out for a new one.

This doesn’t mean to say that dresses are the only way to style this trend. It also lends itself to the masculine silhouette of an oversized shirt or a daintier design with jeans. There is a lot of ways to make this style your own and I cannot wait to see how people adapt it over the coming months.

My favourites are these from Mango, Ted Baker and ASOS.

If you would like to see more about how I am styling these key trends in the coming weeks and months, give a follow on Instagram for daily updates.


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