Five Winter Style Essentials

During the Winter months I feel like some people think that the reason for dressing nice and looking good goes out the window. So, I am here with my five Winter Style Essentials to keep you chic and classy during those dreary winter times.

Traditionally people lean towards darker and chunkier clothes during the winter and I have to admit I can’t bring myself to go that way. I will always stick with lighter colours (especially pink and white) and find ways to use chic layers rather than overly bulky items.

Wool Midi Skirt

This has been a total staple for me during the winter months as I find they are so flattering for my figure, they give the illusion of a flat tummy and when I wear my heels they make my legs look so much longer. Skirts like this are so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways, in fact they would even work in the office. I have linked my favourite one from Marks and Spencer here.

White Camisole

This is something that I don’t think I could be without at any point through the year. They are fantastic for putting under wooly jumpers (if like me the fibres can irritate your skin) and getting an extra layer of warmth. Also if you buy a slightly prettier one like this one from River Island, you can pair it with a glittery skirt or nice trousers for a glam look for the office party.

Faux Fur Coat

I say faux fur because I’m not a fan of real fur and personally, I don’t like the idea of an animal dying so that I can look pretty. I do however love the way a good faux fur coat can make me feel. It makes feel so warm like a marshmallow and also like an old fashioned movie star all at the same time. My favourite one is linked here.

Knee High or OTK Boots

These are something that will pop up in every girls essential list as they are so useful and versatile in the Winter months. The best ones I have seen this season have come from River Island and they have become a total staple in the wardrobe for this season.


A scarf is an item that can transform a look, especially if it is in a neutral colour and can work with most of your wardrobe. You don’t need to spend a fortune, in fact one of my best for this year has come from Primark. However, if you did have more disposable I would recommend the Burberry Check Scarf as it is timeless.

Thank you guys so much for tuning in for my second Blog-mas post and I would love to know if you guys own any of these items and where you got them from. Please leave a comment below as I would to hear from you. If you have missed the first post i have linked it here.


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