Eating Gluten Free in Istanbul

Having a gluten free diet has never been easy. So eating gluten free in Istanbul was definitely going to be a challenge.

When we decided to visit my dad in Turkey, I didn’t think too much about what we would eat. My priorities were filled with buying pretty dresses and deciding how many cameras I would need for three days! However, as the trip grew closer I started to think about food as eating in foreign countries is not easy. I started too look for posts by my favourite gluten free bloggers but wasn’t able to find any concrete information.

Therefore, I am now sitting on a balcony in Pendik enjoying the sunshine and telling you guys about my experience of food over the last few days. I’m hoping that I can make your lives easier if you visit the country and need some information.

The first thing I would say that everyone needs to know, is how to ask for gluten-free in the native language. I have put below some easy phrases to learn that will allow you to communicate your needs in a restaurant.

Glutensiz – Gluten Free

Glutensiz mi satiyorsun – Do you sell gluten free?

Kac para – How much?

Eating Out

This part depends heavily on whether or not you plan to eat out during your time in the country. If your hotel serves your meals then you won’t need to worry about finding too much food in the day. However, if you’re like me, you will find yourself wanting to explore a bit more. I have found several places to get food that is gluten-free by nature or can be adapted if requested.

Most of the dishes in Turkey consist of grilled meat and vegetables with cheese thrown in. So these will most likely be fine, provided that you check they have cooked the meat separate to anything else. You can also ask for the meal to come with salad instead of chips and this will prevent any unfortunates. During my time in Istanbul I ate out in several places and had no reaction, so I imagine they were okay. I will be leaving links below to the places that we ate.

Shopping for Food

We didn’t do a lot of food shopping while we there, but we did go into a couple of shops and saw some gluten free options. They sold snacks for on the go as well as things like pasta and cooking sauces that you can use if you had the option to cook where you are staying. I know these options are available in Carafore and Migros.

I hope this has been helpful for you guys who might be eating gluten free in Istanbul. If you have any other questions, just leave me a comment and I will be more than happy to help. If you are like me and suffer from Coeliac disease all year round, then I have a lovely recipe for Banana bread here.

Helpful Links

The North Shield Pub Chain- http://www.thenorthshieldtuzla.com

Carrefour- https://www.carrefoursa.com/tr/

Migros- https://www.migros.com.tr


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