My 2019 Goals

Is anybody else getting bored of hearing the same New Years Resolutions? Lose weight? Be more organised? Do more exercise? Well, I most definitely have! So this year I have decided to do something different and make some goals purely around my Instagram and blog. Some of them will be realistic and some will be more difficult to achieve but if they come to fruition, I will be one happy girl!

In a world where it is unbelievably difficult to be noticed it can become extremely disheartening to think that you aren’t getting anywhere because your not good enough. I believe this is partly responsible for why I don’t see the growth on my blog that I want. So these are the are the goals I would like to achieve by the end of 2019…

1.Reach 5k followers on Instagram

I like to think I work very hard on my photography but I don’t think I have the faith I need to keep it growing, by setting myself this target (no matter how unrealistic it may look) I am holding myself accountable to growth.

2.Be invited to a blogging event

This is a dream of mine as it would be some amazing to met some of my idols and spend a day or evening taking photos and getting to know them.

3.Travel More!

Over the last few years my travel bug has been put on the back burner because of jobs, money and moving house but this year I am determined to find my wanderlust again. We have already booked a trip to Rome *claps hands gleefully* in June and I am hopefully going out to visit my family in Turkey in March but I want to see more of this country as well as travel abroad.

4.Work with some of my favourite brands (Clinique, Olivia Burton, Ted Baker and Viktor and Ralph)

These are some of my favourite brands and have been since I was old enough to know the difference between high street and high end (I learnt this pretty early) and to work with them on a collaboration would be just amazing!

5.Spend more time with people

This may sound strange but I don’t feel like I spend enough time with my friends or my family. This year i intend to spend more time out of the house making memories with people I care about, whether its a shopping trip and lunch or a night in with some films…Call me because I will be there!

There we go my goals for 2019, written down and published for the world to see! I would for you guys to get involved in helping me achieve them, if it means you get your brother or sister to follow me or invite me out for a coffee I would love to hear from you.

I hope your year is exciting, happy and healthy! Happy 2019 Everybody!


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