A Gingerbread Christmas

Some people say that chocolate is the best food of Christmas, some people say its turkey however I firmly believe that the best part of Christmas is…Gingerbread! I swear I have never tasted anything better than a Costa Coffee Gingerbread Latte, until this year when they released the Gingerbread and Cream Hot Chocolate. But its not just Costa that I fall in love with its anything that smells, looks or tastes like Gingerbread. I have listed some of my favourite items of this year below

1.Costa Gingerbread Latte

I love picking one of these up when I’m out on a shopping trip, me and Clive have a tradition that we will always stop for a festive drink when we finish the Christmas shopping. He normally goes for the creamy Hot Chocolate but I will always go for the Gingerbread especially since Costa started giving out mini Gingerbread men with their drinks. Recently I saw these in ASDA and I have to admit I think I peed myself a little with excitement, they are now doing gingerbread lattes for the Tassimo! I can now enjoy my favourite drink every morning if I want to. They are £4.99 for a box that makes 8 drinks and they are so so yummy!

2. A Dozen Gingerbread Men

I love Hotel Chocolate, I always feel so luxurious when I purchase something from the store. The chocolate is always creamy and soft when you eat it and some of their designs are so cute…but this Christmas they have outdone themselves and they have made Gingerbread men out of chocolate. From they day they were released I felt like I needed them in my life, and when I finally got them they tasted so good. They are made of smooth milk chocolate but have a hint of spice to the aftertaste so that it feels as if you have had a gingerbread biscuit. These are £8 and there are 12 in the box so they are perfect for sharing…or not!

3. Too Faced Gingerbread Matte Lipstick

Everybody loves a new lipstick for winter and Too Faced do some of the most gorgeous colours and designs. One of my favourites of theirs is the Gingerbread Lip Gloss, it smells and tastes just like Gingerbread. I love the colour for Autumn and Winter and the package design is just so pretty, it has little gingerbread mean printed all over the lid. The lipgloss is approximately £19 and can be bought from Too Faced retailers.

4. Gingerbread Matchmakers

Every year Clive asks for orange matchmakers for Christmas and he always asks me if I want any, I’m personally not a fan of the orange or mint flavours but this year they have created a Gingerbread flavour and oh my god its beautiful.These are limited edition for Christmas and I am not going to be happy fi they discontinue them following the holidays. I couldn’t wait for Christmas so Clive bought me some for my birthday. They can be purchased from any retail store for roughly £1.

5. Gingerbread Candles

Primark always do the cutest festive items and this year I am totally swooning over these gingerbread candles. They actually smell like gingerbread when they burn, I have used them as props and then enjoyed the smell whilst I relax. These can be bought at any Primark store and are £6 for 3 candles.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, if you have any gingerbread items that you have found in stores recently, feel free to drop me a message I would love here about your finds.


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  1. Cheryl Armes
    December 28, 2018 / 8:01 pm

    Looks lovely, hope you didn’t over indulge, xx

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