Disconnecting and Detoxing- My Weekend Escape

A couple of weeks a go I felt my stress levels reach their breaking point, I was struggling to cope with everything that was being thrown at me and the pressure that I was putting on myself. I’m luckier than most in the sense that my parents happen to live on the coast and their house is like a refuge for me, so I decided that I was going to run away for the weekend. The views are breathtaking, the air is clear and above all its quiet. Away from busy city life, noisy building sites and rude people I felt like I could breathe again. I switched off my social media and spent the weekend detoxing.

On the Friday, mum took me to the designer outlet not far from their house and it was like shopping with a best friend, I will have another blog post up on some of the things I bought soon. We then went for afternoon tea at Marks and Spencer and topped it all off with an evening curled up on the sofa watching Marley and Me (cue the tears).



The Saturday and Sunday morning were quieter as mum took me into Filey, a little town just on the sea front and we had a walk round and enjoyed some lovely little quirky stores that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. We took the dogs out for a walk, something I hadn’t realised I had missed until I was halfway up a hill being towed by Comet (she’s mine, mum is just borrowing her). Finally, my dad treated us to an meal out…Gluten Free Fish and Chips!

I came back thoroughly spoilt, feeling more like myself than I had in a long time and I actually felt ready to take on the week. I completely agree with the sentiment that sometimes you just need those two days to get your head straight and your mind back in harmony with the rest of your body. I have done some of my best work this week and I firmly believe that it is down to how calm I have been.

Going into the new week I want to ensure I keep their air of calmness around me, even though its going to get stressful. So I thought I would include my top 5 ways to keep calm and relaxed into the new week;

  1. Take 5 minutes for myself everyday, whether it be for a cup of tea in a morning or face mask in the evening, just take 5 minutes to myself and breathe
  2. Charge my phone away from my bed.
  3. Prepare my food before work on a Sunday, this saves me the stress of worrying what to eat in the week and also allows me more time in bed.
  4. Plan my outfits in advance. I know I’m terrible for not being able to decided what to wear, so I plan all my outfits in advance using an app on my iPad.
  5. Drink water. I know this sounds weird but I always feel so much better about everything if I know I am hydrated.

I hope you guys have had a wonderful weekend I hope some of these tips help you feel a bit more prepared for the week ahead.

See you soon lovelies.


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