I’m going to be honest with your guys, recently I have been struggling with my mental health, there has been a lot going on and I have been stressed out and just not happy with anything. This has led to me having a bit of an overhaul of my life and the things in it…unfortunately the house has fallen prey to my need for change.

Just to give you a quick overview, Clive and I are currently in a rented house and saving for a mortgage which means everything is a bit tight and when we first moved into the house everything needed to be done on a budget. However, recently some things have needed to change and we have taken a look at the house and realised that even though this house is temporary, that doesn’t mean it cant be homely for a small amount of money.

I have always loved having greenery in the house and since we have moved we haven’t done much with the decoration, so since we were due a long weekend we decided that we were going to try and make the house feel a bit nicer to come home to. I started with a walk through Pinterest, looking for some inspiration with what I could do with the room on a budget and without changing all the furniture in the rooms. It helps to find some images and create a mood board so that you can follow an idea and not get lost on tangents in shops.

We started by choosing a colour scheme for the the rooms and to me this is one of the most important things you can do before decorating or changing things up. If you go in with no plan or clear goal then you can end up with a mixture of items and patterns that don’t match up and look messy and out of place. The colour scheme we have gone for in this room is grey, beige, cream and brown with wooden, faux fur and natural accents, it will be really cosy and make me feel like I’m coming home to my own personal oasis.

When we first moved into the house we had originally planned on going with a scheme that was similar to this, so the furniture all fits quite well, it just needed some details to complete it. Once we had agreed (it may have taken longer than anticipated) we took a trip to Dunelm which is one of my favourite home stores, to look for a blanket to cover the sofa as we have been using my battered Primark mermaid tail since we moved in nearly two years ago. We decided to go for a faux fur one in brown and cream as this would compliment the cotton of the sofa and the wood of the furniture. We also made use of the fabric storage box out of the upstairs bedroom (can be seen in the cover photo) and placed it next to fireplace to bring in some more texture and pattern to the room.

The next stop was to Hollybush Garden Centre in Cannock to look for some indoor plants because like I said I have always loved greenery in the house. We found a couple of lovely things, my favourite of which was a Dragon Tree, as well as some Ivy and a cactus to go in another room which I will show you in a later post.

We added the final touches with some photos of us through the years and my sister-in-law kindly made us a family photo to put near the fire. I think having photos around is a really nice touch because when you are having a bad day you can look at them and remember the good times.

I hope you have enjoyed the blog post and I would love to know found a are looking to change up any of the rooms in your house. If you would like to see more home content from me, please pop along to instagram and follow @homebygemma.

See you later