To start this blog off I want to say that this trip was completely unplanned and it was not a place we were thinking of visiting this year. However, due to my blog not being able to financially support both of us, myself and Clive still have full time jobs and therefore, have a set number of holiday days that we need to take before the end of the year. So when we found out that we both had about a week of holiday left to use before the end of the year we were determined not to waste them sitting around the house. Bath has always been a place that I have always admired as there is so much history and culture throughout the area and when the chance came up for a last minute trip we thought this was the perfect time to visit the city.

The Place to Stay

We weren’t going to be choosy when we booked the hotel as the only intention we had was to sleep in it and with the trip being unplanned we didn’t have a large budget, but OMG I’m so glad that we chose to go with the one that we did. We stayed with in the Best Western Limpley Stoke Hotel just on the outskirts of Bath and for those of you that watched my vlog of our time there will know that I was bowled over with how stunning the room was. (If you didn’t watch it, you can check it out here!) It was in the countryside and both the room and the view were just something to be awed over.

Things To Do

I’m sure there are a million things we could have done whilst we were in Bath for the weekend but I’m so glad that we chose to do visit the places that we did. We started the trip by visiting the Fashion Museum which is located inside the Assembly Rooms, to be honest I expected it to be better but I still enjoyed seeing how fashion has changed over hundreds of years and experiencing what it would be like to have to wear a corset everyday (total disclosure it was not very comfortable!). Whilst we were there we had a walk around the Assembly Rooms and guys, I think I just wanna move in or at least have one of those giant chandeliers in my new house. Seriously, they are just the epitome of luxury and I feel like I need that in my life right now.

It didn’t take as long as we anticipated to go round the museum so we headed further into the city centre and found a little vintage market to have a stroll round. We didn’t find anything that we wanted but it was still so nice to see what people were offering and how many stories were behind some of the items. If you ever find yourself in Bath on the last Sunday of the month then I would highly recommend that you check it out. We had lunch and as the weather was picking up we decided to spend the afternoon playing mini golf, which is something we are both highly competitive in and its always a battle to see who can get the first hole in one (Just to let you know, it was me this time!)

The second day started with a trip to the Roman Baths and this is something that I honestly believe that everyone should pay a visit if they are in Bath. I learnt so much about the history of Bath and about the Romans in general, it was such a good experience. I expected the water to smell but it doesnโ€™t and it is so beautiful to look at. We took a walk up the high street and popped in out of little boutiques and individual stores that you just know that you wonโ€™t find anywhere else, we stopped in to Anthropologie and TK Maxx to see what was on offer as the stock is always different depending where you are. The final stop on our itinerary was the Bath Abbey and unfortunately some of it was still undergoing refurbishment but I could still see the beauty and effort that has clearly gone into building it. Unfortunately, they werenโ€™t running tours up the tower on the day that we were there and I was a bit disappointed that we didnโ€™t get to see the view from the top but we fully intend to go back and see it next year.

Places To Eat

If you guys have been reading my past blogs or watching my videos then you will know that I suffer from Coeliac Disease, which means my body can’t process wheat properly. This means that when we go away its always a challenge to make sure there are places I can eat that aren’t too far to where we are staying. This time we got very lucky because the hotel we stayed in was very clued up on my needs and catered for both wheat and dairy intolerances as well as vegan diets.

The day we arrived, we had one main meal whilst exploring the city and decided to try TGI Fridays as I have never been but have heard multiple good reviews about them from others that are gluten free. I tried their cheeseburger and chips and I have to admit that I wasn’t disappointed, they were very careful and the manager came and spoke to me about my needs and I was able to use a tablet that showed me my menu options and how to order. We had this quite late and made the decision to forgo dinner and just pick up some snacks from the local shop to eat in the hotel room.

The second day was our main day in the city and started with breakfast at the hotel which included gluten free sausage, bacon, eggs and beans as well as unlimited tea (I’m a typical brit and cannot live without my English Breakfast Tea!). In between the Roman Baths and our trip around the town, we stopped off for a cake and a hot-chocolate in Cafe Nero, I throughly enjoyed my brownie and Clive indulged in a Millionaires Shortbread. I have to admit that we don’t eat a massive amount when we are on holiday as we are too busy trying to see everything that we can in a short period of time. However, that being said I had to pop in to a cafe called Sweet Little Things as they had the cutest decor and sold the most adorable gluten-free cakes, mine was lemon flavoured. This is by far one of the places I recommend if you find yourself in Bath!

That evening our feet were sore and we decided that the best thing would be to have dinner at the hotel and we indulged ourselves by not worrying about the cost. I had a more uptown version of Hunter’s Chicken, it had a garlic sauce and was smothered with melted cheese and accompanied by sweet potato wedges and it was delicious. I followed it with a strawberry Eton Mess sundae which tasted so fresh and creamy I felt like I could eat it all over again. It was all so yummy and the staff were beyond helpful with explaining what my options were and how they ensured that there was no cross contamination. We are planning to stay with them again when we go down to London for my birthday and I cannot wait to see the menu choices this time.

Overall, the trip was so amazing and I am really beginning to fall in love with travelling again. My next trip is back up to see my mum in Yorkshire and then me and Clive are heading to London for a long weekend for my birthday. I cannot recommend Bath enough as somewhere to spend a romantic weekend with a partner or even an exploration and spa weekend with some girlfriends.

Let me know in the comments if you have been to Bath before or if you are planning to head there soon!

See you soon x