I don’t feel like I need to be on this app every single day but I would say that I open it every 2-3 days to check that I have logged the outfits I have worn and that there haven’t been any changes from the plan. Logging the correct outfit is very important with this app as it will track your cost-per-wear* and if your logging clothes that your not actually wearing then it will throw all of the maths out of the window.

*Just as a note this is a really good feature if you are looking to replace an item or to buy a similar item to something that is already in your wardrobe as it will tell you how much your should be looking to spend compared to how many times you have worn it.


Each Sunday afternoon when I’m feeling a little bit lazy, I sit with my iPad and plan my outfits for the week ahead. At this point I normally have to refer back to my work calendar to make sure that I haven’t planned to wear my prettiest dress on the day that I have a to visit a client at a garage or warehouse (I speak from experience that this is not a good idea!). I usually plan outfits for the following weekend at this point as well, especially if we have a specific event that we are going to attend, such as a friends birthday or a meal out with family, and I need to be sure that I have a certain out prepared.


This isn’t something that I do every month but I thought I would mention it as sometimes it is useful to look over the outfits that I have worn to see if I can find any new inspiration or to see if I am wearing a particular item a lot that may be worth investing in a second colour or style.


When we start to get a look at what the new fashion season will bring I like to use this app to search my current wardrobe to see if I have anything that can be adapted to fit with the new season*. I also like to use the app to see which new season styles are to work with my current palette and collection (which as we know includes a lot of pink).

*I find this is such a good way to ensure that the pieces I’m buying are going to be timeless and will work in my wardrobe for years to come rather than being in and out within a year.

I truly believe that this an app that every girl should have on their tablet or phone because it just makes it so much easier to shop for items that are going to be timeless. I think it prevents me and hopefully other girls from purchasing pieces that wont work with what they currently own. I wish had had this back when I was a teenager, it would have prevented some embarrassing situations where I felt I had nothing to wear (I’m sure we have all been there!).

I hope you have enjoyed this short but sweet post and if you use any apps to help you keep track of your wardrobe then I would love to hear about them! Please leave me a comment I love talking to you guys!